Storyline: B

Artwork: C+

Defeated by Captain Midnight, a member of the Skyman Program decides to drown his sorrows at a local bar. One thing leads to another and this Skyman exposes a secret government project and its gruesome potential.

In order to cover their tracks and get the Skyman Program much needed press, the military decides to look for a new hero; a person that would break all stereotypes and turn the negative into some positive. General Abernathy breaks the norm and rejects all of the trained Skyman candidates and instead he approaches Eric Reid, a crippled African American military veteran. The previous Skyman was racist so Eric is the perfect man for the job. Should Eric choose to become Skyman he would be able to walk unassisted again, whilst becoming a symbol of patriotism for America. The Skyman Belt gives Eric the power of flight, increased agility and accelerated healing. Equipped with a new outfit and purpose, he takes flight and aims to get some positive press for the program.

The artwork in Skyman #1 uses a large amount of dark inks and this lends to the feel of the book. When our hero takes flight backgrounds become lighter and you can feel Eric’s freedom as he soars in the open air. The panels allow for some great angles, as if our hero is posing for a camera, but a flaw is the dark spots penciled into a vast amount of the faces. As a reader you cannot help but feel that detail is lost in these dark spots. Also it allows for some weird looking faces being created. Some facial expressions end up looking twisted and unnatural. With background art being minimal, it is only fair that greater attention is paid to the characters and their faces.

Skyman #1 is a mediocre read. Sure, it has good writing that tackles serious issues such as racism and politics, but it is not a memorable read. For a debut issue and an origin story it ends up being very average. I can only hope that the story takes flight from here on out.

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