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Sheltered #4 has got to be the most disturbing, yet awesome, issue yet! The series is still offering some of Image’s best work!

So when last we checked in on this pre-apocalyptic tale Lucas had just ordered all of the kids to execute the adults in the village. His plan seemed to have gone unscathed, except he had never expected Victoria to rebel against his direct orders. Sheltered #4 opens up showing that Lucas is not as trustworthy as he seems and some members of his youthful army are beginning to realise that. Victoria has locked herself in a bunker and is planning to break out in order to find help, the only problem is that help is at least 40 miles away and the land is covered in snow!

While the threat of Victoria remains an agonising thorn in Lucas’ side, a new threat has arisen as one of the teens has gone around saying that he saw Lucas burning the left over radios in the forest and he has evidence to prove it. We see a little bit of internal conflict within Lucas’ camp yet again as Victoria’s brother rebels against his law. Lucas has ordered that Victoria is killed on sight as she is a traitor and a threat to their community. We once again get to see that Lucas is one sly and crafty leader that manipulates people into believing his excuses and bends them according to will. But what this issue also shows is that Lucas is not a mature leader. When he is encountered with a threat he can react childishly and if the threat is too large he is not afraid to remove it entirely. This is exactly why Victoria is his ultimate threat, as she sees past Lucas’ lies and pretences. Her rational thinking shows that she has the strength to become the leader of these kids and Lucas knows it. The only problem is that Lucas army fails to see beyond what he allows them to see. They do not seem to be able to think or make decisions for themselves, making Lucas a powerful adversary for Victoria to go up against.

Safe to say, if Lucas gets Victoria and Haley out that bunker chances are they are as good as gone. Those that Lucas seem to suffer extreme fates, this issue shows us just how evil this “Leader” can be. As you see one of the most disturbing acts brought to life within a comic. I really doubt that there will not be some hate mail in the Letters section of the subsequent issues!
Shari Chankhamma’s colours provide us with yet another visually stunning issue, whilst the art allows for great expressions. You can feel the emotions that each character goes through and it looks and feels authentic. This really lends to the psychological horror and torture of this issue.

This read continues to be an interesting and unique read on the comic market. It will be great to see just how Victoria manages to escape from her current situation. She is strong mentally and focused! She is the only formidable foe for Lucas right now, so she will definitely be coming out of that bunker kicking and screaming, promising that future issues will be great!

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