Storyline: B

Artwork: C+

No, this is not a comic about a soup kitchen for retired superheroes who have ran out of funding. Serving Supes is a gag comic which follows two lead characters Cheech and Clive. These brothers have the most dangerous job in the world; serving court orders to superheroes and supervillains alike.


This unlikely duo set about giving summons to people that could snap their necks like pencils. Yes, Cheech and Clive are powerless. All that they have going for them is some charm and wit and, more often than not, this does not get them very far. Serving Supes #1 opens with a summons serving gone wrong. The brothers get dowsed in litres of sweat in what seems to be the worst superpower ever. Green sweat spray from the underarms is never a good look. This example just sets the tone for this gag comic as everything is over the top and it might be a little too much for readers to get in to.

The strength of the comic lies in the dialogue, however, the text is just too difficult to follow as there are too many speech bubbles per frame. This makes things difficult to read so the dialogue is hampered and suffers as a result. The art is good but far from great. Being a comedy comic, the style is understandable as everything is rough and rugged and this creates a fast-paced read with a light tone. The colours back this up and let the reader know that this is a comic that is not to be taken too seriously. The faces and character design do not have much detail but the focus of this comic is the dialogue as it determines the strength of the punchlines used by the jokes in this comic.

With a few supporting characters that have yet to be explored this comic has great potential but it all depends on the writing. If they can keep the humour on track and insert a few “clever” jokes this comic could become hilarious as some of the jokes do come off as juvenile. Overall this is not a bad first issue but with a few better and well-timed jokes the second issue could be a great one!


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