Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Upon opening Secret #3 you realise that you really need to go back and read the previous issues of this series. This issue kicks off with a flashback meant to show how the Grant the lead character was actually close to Thomas, who had died in the previous issues.


The reader gets to see that Grant and Thomas worked together for Steadfast security. The book goes back four years, as they are sent on a task together. It also shows the reader how Thomas came into contact with his wife Donnie. Then the pages shatter and the reader is back in the present, where we witness Grant attending the funeral of his late friend. It is here that Donna reveals the truth about the nature of her husband’s death. Grant is left startled and confronts the manager of Steadfast security Mr. Steadman at the funeral. He realises that something strange is happening within the company and takes it upon himself to find out more.

The dialogue in this comic is well written, Hickman gives us a realistic, gritty book that feels as though its script could create a promising TV series. The characters are dealing with real issues. We do not have people stopping a global threat of catastrophic proportions. We see a man who loses his friend and is bent on finding out what happened, no matter what the cost.

secret03 review

Garland’s colouring really helps create the dark tone of this series, the colours are kept minimal. Each scene tends to have its own colour. However, red is used in more than one scene. It’s not only used for blood pools and splatters, it has been used in other ways as well. This type of colouring allows the reader to pay strong attention to the movements and facial expressions of the characters and Bodenheim’s draws some rather great and realistic facial expressions. The amount of detailing in the character faces is astounding and the colouring really allows nothing to take away from Bodenheim’s art. The pairing of these drawings and Garlans’d colouring creates a very well-drawn and attractive read that really compliments the tone of this series.

Secret #3 is a great read, but make sure you read the previous issues first. It will help you understand the characters and the situation that they are in. There is no recap at all. Let’s hope #4 is kept on track as this title is a promising one!

secret #3 review

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