Sally of the Wasteland #1 Review

Storyline: B-

Artwork: A

This comic is set 82 years after an apocalyptic event known as “The Fall”. We find a group of survivors living out of a bar in Louisiana. All is well until a stranger walks into the Saloon claiming that she has the key to saving humanity but needs their help in order to do so. When Tommy decides to help this stranger, Sally finds herself tagging along with little hesitation.

 Sally of the Wasteland #1 Review

Sally is a foul mouthed gun toting babe that makes for a strong female lead. She provides entertainment but at times you cannot help but feel her humour and character coming off being rather forced. But she plays her part in this all too familiar group dynamic. She adores Tommy and that becomes her motivation to join this mission of little to no return. The comic has quite an up tempo pace. It introduces you to each character and throws them into an adventure immediately. The crew must venture out to New Orleans but they have to cross dangerous waters filled with pirates, monsters and mutations. There is a threat around every single corner as you will soon find out once they hit the waters.

 Sally of the Wasteland #1 Review

The artwork is high in detail and has some great colouring. Each panel receives some great detail. If only their facial expressions received the same treatment. The lines on the face to indicate expressions are far too light so this causes the reader to have to concentrate to ensure they are getting the expression intended. The captain is the only character that gets real detail when it comes to his face and he really looks like Ron Perlman, so you find yourself reading his dialogue and thinking of Perlman’s voice. The monsters look great and feel threatening; Bettin even finds the time to give a little fan service as Sally slips into something very comfortable.

Sally of the Wasteland #1 is a read that will appeal to fans of B-grade flicks that use Sexploitation to sell. It has the sexy female lead, the just as sexy stranger and Bertha, Sally’s personalised shotgun. It is a genre comic that has potential and will appeal to some. Gischler knows what he is doing but to others it might be a title that comes across wanting.

 Sally of the Wasteland #1 Review

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