Storyline: D

Artwork: B+

S.H.O.O.T is an acronym for the Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce. They have one job and that is to stop inter-dimensional angels and devils from taking over Earth. They are humanities last hope and are the only ones capable of protecting believers.

In actual fact, these angels and devils and magical creatures are not what they seem, they are creatures from another dimension known collectively as “Outside Actors”. The Outside Actors feed on the belief of people, so in actual fact the angels versus devils story has all been orchestrated in order to create an apocalypse event. The Outside Actors hope that humanity will become extremely desperate and believe; which will lead to humanity giving them endless nourishment.

This issue kicks off as the team are about to engage in their latest mission, one that has a personal connection to one of the story’s protagonists, Bett. The taskforce is sent into the forest in search of fairies (yes, fairies, like Tinkerbell). The team happens to come across a group of magical creatures that have gathered in the forest; fairies, elves, goblins and even a dragon amongst the ranks. The team attempts to confront the creatures in a peaceful manner, however, due to some betrayal from inside S.H.O.O.T, the group end up losing control of their actions and are forced to fight these creatures without the use of their special issued weaponry. Thank heavens they have a robot on their side. Although the cover bills this issue as being “Robot vs Dragon” the fight is only a page long (talk about false advertising). It will break your mecha loving heart. They could have billed it as being “Man vs Magic” instead.

Once tensions have cooled we find out a little more about Bett and her disdain for fairies. They explain the history she has with this breed of magical creature and more truths are revealed as one of the team mates confess a shocking truth; that she had relations with an Outside Actor, relations of a sexual nature. With tension between team mates on the rise and a jealous Lord Byron, who knows what the final installment will bring, it sure has a lot to cram into one issue.

The art, although very static at times, is kept clean and easy on the eye. This is not a dark story. It feels more like a zany adventure. Bright colours are in abundance as it sets the tone of being a light-hearted action packed adventure. Facial expressions are penciled well allowing the reader to identify emotions with easy, even though some of the emotions come from magical creatures.

Although the concept is original and the art is good, the story just feels a bit too over the place, with multiple confessions and revelations in one issue the read just feels rushed. It is a story that could have been so much more interesting and engaging had it been given the time to explain itself. I enjoyed the humour of swearing elves. That is the only thing memorable about this rush job issue.

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