Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Robyn has to deal with division amongst her troops as she prepares to face her toughest foe yet. How will Robyn and Will fare against an army?

The story kicks off with the group of rebels parting ways after their return to Myst. Members of the group can no longer trust one another as a result of Tuck and Little John’s deaths. Avella no longer wishes to follow Robyn’s command and decides to follow the very man that murdered Tuck; Gisbourne. However, Avella is not naïve. She knows exactly what type of villain that she is following. Marian also decides to leave Robyn in favour of following Avella but there would seem to be something more than meets the eye at play here as an old ally of Robyn’s makes an attempt to contact the heart of Marian. This leaves Robyn and an ill-fated Will to fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham, a sheriff that is not exactly human and neither are his officers. Will the band of rebels re-unite or will Robyn have to face the odds on her own?

The art on offer this time by Zenescope is surprising as the reader is not blinded by overgrown cleavage. Instead the body proportions of the female characters are more natural and believeable. The colouring used in this issue is great; the backgrounds are detailed and bright aluuding to the fact that this is an adventure title. The details on the faces are good, however there are times where the faces seem out of proportion or slightly skewed. For most part the expressions are recognisable but in a few frames the faces just look off.

This issue is definitely one that needs to be read if you have already read the previous two, if not you will have to prepare for some research. Whilst limited in action sequences Robyn Hood: Legend #3 attempts to take the story in a new direction, one in which Robyn will have to pick up the pieces to be the hero she once was.

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