Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Having enjoyed the movie (Robocop 2014) and already owning some of the action figures, it was only right that a review of Robocop Beta One Shot be done.

The movie would make us all believe that Alex Murphy was the first to undergo the Omnicorp fusion of man and machine, but what if he wasn’t? What if Omnicorp had attempted to bring a dead man back to life? Robocop Beta tells the tale of Joshua Duncan, an American Soldier that took a bullet to the head, was killed in action, Omnicorp Norton’s technology and how it could be applied to the deceased. Having been shot in the head, Joshua has lost his memories. Awaking rather confused he does not understand what happened to him. But his physical reanimation has triggered a mental reanimation too as he slowly regains his memories of his final moments as a human. Whilst Raymond Sellars is busy trying to alleviate the Dreyfus Act, he is faced with another challenge that is posed to him by a military general. The question of ethics, how can they bring a dead soldier back to life? He believes that it will mess with the minds of his soldiers and that the fear of death is what keeps them fighting. But with a twist in the plot they will find out that death is not the only thing they have to fear and Omnicorp is about to learn this lesson the hard way.

The art in this issue is great. Garlan has used great colouring techniques in order to separate that which is memory from that which is reality. The colours are mostly dark and tie in with the emotional tone of the story as well as with the grey area behind the ethics of reanimating the dead. Laiso provides the reader with some great art that is well suited to the story; the action scenes feel fluid and flow freely from frame to frame. This is the new fast paced Robocop, not the 80’s icon!

Boom Studios really knows just how to please the reader, this is yet another example of the quality that this publisher is producing. This comic is the last of four One Shot titles that tie in with the Robocop Reboot and each and every One Shot is worth a read! If you enjoyed the new Robocop film or you are wanting to get some behind the scenes information on the Omnicorp Robocop programme, this comic is definitely for you! It is a great standalone comic as well, meaning you will not need to be a fan of the franchise in order to enjoy this great read!

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