Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

A few years back we all gasped as Damian died right before our eyes as he protected his father and paid the ultimate price for doing so. Then a few months later Damian was resurrected using the Chaos Shard. Now he finds himself without a father once more. Without Batman, Damian desires to atone for the sins of the past as he prepares a journey that will redeem him of his actions during his year of blood!


Damian is a troubled youth, but you would also be if you were raised by Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul. He was a killing machine and taking a life was second nature to him. It was Batman who taught him the value of life and the fact that he has not got the right to be judge, jury and executioner. Now years later Damian is presented with the opportunity to atone for his actions. This story switches between his present atonement and his year of blood. It pulls this off with ease thanks to the wonderful art and writing that Patrick Gleason has presented to the reader.

The art is simply stellar! Many would be expecting a dark gritty read, however, this Robin title is filled with colour as Robin delves into the realm of the supernatural. The comic gets darker when it needs to, but, much like the switch between the past and the present, the shift in the art from black to neon is not distracting at all. The art just flows with ease from page to page.


This novel will definitely make you like Damian a whole lot more. He has always been a favorite character of mine, but this book shows him in a whole new light. We get to see him, his family, his relationship with his mother and Damian’s best friend, Goliath, a big red dragon bat creature and his rival Maya. There are mentions of Batman here and there, but this is a Robin title that truly focuses on the lead character as we see him develop – even losing some baby teeth in the process.

This issue is filled with action from the start and it makes for a great read! Damian proves that he is able to hold his own title in the DCU. This novel is entertaining on many levels. It will make you feel a little more for the foul-mouthed ill-tempered Damian.


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