Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Dynamite starts off 2016 with a well-known heroine getting an all-new series and look. Red Sonja #1 starts in January 2016.


This latest offering follows Red Sonja as she deals with the aftermath of the death of the King of Hyrkania.

Red Sonja #1 opens with the King on his death bed and, even despite Red Sonja’s efforts, his life can no longer be extended in any way or form. The King’s biggest regret is not having united the tribes that share the same homeland, Hyrkania. He worries that his death with escalate the bloodshed between the people of his kingdom and the tribes from the outskirts of Hyrkania, as his death will leave his country open to annexure. He has come to one logical conclusion… that it is time for Red Sonja to take the throne and become the Queen of Hyrkania. But will the She-Devil with a sword take the throne?

The art in this issue is great. It is dark and daunting when it needs to be but it can also be bright and beautiful, especially when it shows that lands of Hyrkania. Red Sonja’s new look is great. She looks more feminine; her body and her facial structure is more proportionate and appealing. However, this is the same warrior goddess despite her new look. The art is definitely strong and it makes for an easy read that is easy to follow.

Dynamite Comics explodes onto the scene with a great issue that ushers in a brand new Red Sonja for the New Year. It will be interesting to see what lies in store for Red Sonja and the homeland of Hyrkania especially when its own people are the major threat!


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