Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

With so many of DC’s current titles taking a darker tone, it’s refreshing to find a book that isn’t afraid to inject a little bit of humour and fun into its characters.


Red Hood/Arsenal #3 explores Jason Todd and Roy Harper’s freelancers-for-hire venture and continues to build on the whole buddy-cop-without-being-a-cop nature of the series. After infuriating Tara Battleworth by spreading their wings and creating a marketing campaign for their hired services (‘Rent-a-bat’), Jason and Roy are fired by Tara. Subsequently, they accept a job from a blobby criminal known as Underbelly, who seems to think he’s superior to the Joker, Lex Luthor and every other villain around. Is he for real? Can Jason and Roy contain their laughter? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

On a serious note, anyone who has ever been a freelancer will howl at the absurd issues that Jason and Roy encounter – from clients who think they’re top-dogs to blowing marketing budgets in a heartbeat. However, the heart of the story is that it shows Jason and Roy for what they truly are: flawed heroes with the best of intentions. They’re hustlers who may not be the straightest arrows (pardon the pun) in the hero world, but they’re still heroes.

The chemistry between the characters is incredible. While Roy might be the goofier of the two, Jason isn’t a brooding Bruce (see what I did there?); therefore, ensuring that the dialogue remains sharp and witty throughout. In addition, the strength of their friendship, which was already explored in Red Hood and the Outlaws, is solidified as we see that they are equal partners – no Batman and Robin dynamic here.

The artwork is gorgeous, the story is hilarious and the characters are genuinely likeable and relatable. If you haven’t picked up Red Hood/Arsenal yet, you are missing out on an extraordinary title that is a whole lot better than the current Bruce Wayne clone saga happening over in another book.


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  1. sleepless05

    If you thing red hood and arsenal does jason justice your mistaken. If you had done your homework, watched the movie, read the prior comics ( from the old to the outlaws) or even had a decent grasp on jasons character youd know this comic is crap. It doesnt even follow what its predesessor the outlaws left behind. Jason is a completly different person now and it ignores all the character development of what came before it. What is even worse is that the man writing this one wrote the last one. He is inconsistent within his own damn writings.

    This comic has zero plot and usin ” roy spent my money” as a means of advancing the plot is beyond simplistic. Lets not even get into how jason is now a gun for hire to which he would never do.

    Please do your homework before writing your next article.

    Heres some for you
    Under the red hood movie and comic ( read em both and compare)
    Read the outlaws, all of it, every damn page.

  2. Jimmy Olsen

    @SleeplessSO5: bro do u even read good? Do u understand story arcs and character development? its a “refreshing take”. ur quoting red hood and the outlaws as if its the bible but is it even an accurate representation of jason todd? probably not. u do realise that new 52 has reinvented many characters. maybe u should do some research before opening ur mudflap.

    Maybe u like to hold onto things and hope characters remain the same for 25+ years. maybe u will be butthurt by a review for a few decades as well.

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