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Artwork: A

Realm War: Age of Darkness is the introduction to the destruction of Earth as we know it. Creatures of the other Zenescope Realms (Oz, Wonderland, Myst and Neverland) have made their way to Earth in order to escape the enemy. With the other realms destroyed under the orders of the Dark Queen, can humanity and what remains of the Realm Knights save Earth from impending doom?


This 12 issues arc gets straight to the point right from the beginning; Earth is in a load of trouble, in fact it has basically been destroyed. As all the monsters of myth, legend and fairytale lay waste to all that oppose the Dark Queen. Majority of this issue takes place in a US military conference. This meeting is used to explain the dire situation that our world is in as well as the threat that humans are now facing. Thanks to the Dark Queen merging the realms, all that is left of Earth is North America and a tiny portion of South America. It would seem like it is America against all odds in this one.

The Dark Queen is the biggest threat to grace the pages of Zenescope, she is cold and calculating. Enslaving humans and using their own technology against them. She strikes fear into the hearts of her prey and enemies. Have a look at her décor surrounding her fortress if you have your doubts. But unknown to her is the fact that there might be a knight in her midst.


The art in this issue is great as it definitely focuses less on the curves on the females and more on the events that are taking place. The designs on the Dark Queen’s creatures are rather impressive, the more specialised monsters such as the Blood Knight look great, as you can imagine this is a dark read filled with violence. The action sequences which are shown flow nicely and display some graphic violence which really lends to the tone of the story being told. The characters look great and the proportions are kept consistent, female villains and protagonists do not seem as top heavy as usual. The detail in character faces are great and the reader can identify with their expressions easily.

Realm War #1 is definitely a step in the right direction for Zenescope. An epic tale of this proportion will definitely attract readers and will make for an exciting journey in which no character is safe. Be sure to expect death, violence and total chaos in the issues that are to follow. And remember… nobody is safe from the Dark Queen’s reign.


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