Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Earth has been labelled as a lawless ungovernable planet and Japan has decided to take their country and seek refuge in outer-space. After 1000 years of peace, Japan suffers its first casualty as someone is murdered for the first time in a century. It is in times like this that Rai appears.

RAI comic book

Rai is the protector of Japan. He maintains the peace between the PT’s and the Raddies. The PT are a form of artificial intelligence, they look and grow like humans. However, they are emotionless and replaceable. They are the substitute for human birth, as “Father” dictates when you can have babies and Rai happens to be “Father’s” right hand. Rai seems emotionless too but some describe him as being the spirit of Japan. He is able to travel at lightning fast speeds. It would seem that he is one with the hardware and software that is Japan.

Who and what Rai is remains the question. From what we can see, he is some sort of Samurai Warrior. He looks a lot like Valiant’s Bloodshot. The pale white skin; the signature red markings that feature the Japanese Sun look. Rai is described as being a human once. Could he be a superior specimen of the Bloodshot project? Is he the future of human and nanite infusion technology? I am sure Valiant will do a cross-over that features this title and hopefully more will be explained.

The art in this issue is amazing, the illustrations look more like digital paintings, once again alluding to the history of the Samurai. The majority of the backgrounds remain dark, suggesting that even though murders are low in Japan, the country is far from being perfect. The only really light colours are used when you meet Rai, the spirit of Japan.

This is an enjoyable read. This first issue treats the protagonist as if he were a myth, a legend and a rarity. But the events happening in Japan and the conclusion of this issue suggest that the people of Japan will be seeing a lot more of “Father’s” helper.

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