Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Ever wondered what it would look like if a zombie held the power of Mjolnir in his clenched fist? Wonder no more.


Ragnarok #4 offers us this visual and more in a post-Ragnarok setting where the dead have been raised and walk among what is left of the living gods.

The zombie we see here may bear a certain resemblance to Thor, but we are witnessing the story of The Stone God. He is not a zombie. Instead, he is a disfigured survivor of the events that took place during Ragnarok. It would seem that he is the last of his kind, as The Stone God scours what is left of the world he once knew. But his world has become tainted by the presence of humans as they sparsely populated the lands.

Simonson also offers us some great imagery; he has detailed art that is filled with tiny lines that bring out the best of what he has to offer. The harsh lines create strong imagery that captivates the reader whilst making emotions easy to follow. Majority of the backgrounds are in warm colours so you feel the heat of battle and that danger is looming around each and every corner. The blue of his lightening works well to create powerful contrasts that work in the stone god’s favor. You feel his power as he wields Mjolnir as it truly changes the environment around him. The panels and their sizes work well. Clearly this layout was well prepared by the creative team behind it.

This is the first issue I picked up of this series and I will definitely be looking for the others. It tells a great story and offers a different type of visual experience. Simonson shows off his experience in this title, as he offers a story that is even greater than those on offer by another certain “God of Thunder”.


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