Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

Eric has been living in fear of losing his job but it seems that his life is about to change as he is offered a promotion from Magnum Security. But what is the catch? All is revealed in this entertaining issue of Quantum and Woody.

Quantum and Woody is yet another of Valiant’s successes. From cover to cover this story entertains and brings a something a little different to the superhero genre. Eric and Woody the protagonists of this tale may be foster brothers but when it comes to personality types these two prove to be the most dysfunctional duo in comics today. As mentioned earlier, Eric has earned himself a promotion at Magnum Security, which happens to be a paramilitary organisation. But in order to prove himself worthy of his promotion he will need to show the value his newly found powers can bring to Magnum Security. This leads him to taking a suicide mission to prove himself worthy.

Woody does not like the idea one bit. At first he tries to convince Eric not to go and after coming to the realisation that they cannot function without each other…literally. It is decided that in order to complete this mission Woody needs to be present, even if he has to contradict his very own anti-military beliefs. As fate would have it, it would seem that the duo is in for a lot more than they had bargained for as they attempt to overthrow a community of crazies that are armed to the teeth with military grade weaponry.

The writing in this series is really great. Woody proves to be one outrageous yet loveable character with his sex fueled puns and innuendos. Each time he appears on the page you are almost guaranteed to have a great one liner. With well written dialogue, it is almost as though you are reading the script to a great action comedy. Each protagonist brings their own to the story allowing readers to identify with the level headed and responsible Quantum, or the outrageous and impulsive Woody.

The art is great in this issue, lots of detail is placed into facial expressions. The reader is able to identify with the notions and emotions of characters quite easily as they are the major artistic focus. The frames are kept less detailed so that the main detailed focus can be placed upon the character in the frame instead.

Quantum and Woody #6 makes for a fun filled read proving that it is one of Valiant’s most successful titles at the moment. Although characters are placed in cliché situations, they make the old seem fresh through the use of personality, dialogue and sheer recklessness.

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