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Artwork: B

You have never seen a dysfunctional duo like Quantum and Woody before. Imagine Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s “Step Brothers” with super powers. But how will these heroes be able to deal with their deepest darkest fears brought to life?

Quantum and Woody #3 comic

The book opens with our not so heroic heroes confronting a creature created by the Johnny’s. The creature is a mixture of their nightmares, so they end up having to tackle a clown-faced needle spider hybrid abomination. This experience serves as a setup for yet another brotherly meltdown. In fact you would think that Quantum and Woody are nemeses. They are polar opposites of each other. Quantum is calculated and knowledgeable, whilst Woody is reckless, so reckless that he is using his real name unlike Quantum/Eric. The issue gives insights into their past and we get a glimpse of what exactly lead to this dysfunction and why they are always in disagreement.

The humour in this book is great and the banter feels authentic. I also think I understand what reverse racism is now. Nothing and no one is safe from the jokes used in this comic. Stereotypes are mocked all in the name of great entertainment.

Quantum and Woody #3 comic Review

The art is great. The creatures and villains look rather twisted, torture and demented. The lead villain is also introduced in this issue and boy does she have her own creepy nature as well. The lead characters have great facial expressions that feel natural and is not forced out for comedy relief. Almost all the panels are filled with detail and the colours used in this issue prevent it from having a dark serious tone throughout. Instead, it is coloured in such a way that it is serious when it needs to be, but looks brighter and more light hearted when the protagonists are trading banter blows.

This issue makes for a great read, one that feels like less of an over glorified superhero work and more like a realistic family feud between envious brothers. After all these are two ordinary guys who happen to cross paths again as a result of their father passing and inadvertently giving them powers and warrants for arrest. It’s a great plot with only good things to look forward to.

Quantum and Woody #3 comicbook Review

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