Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Eric “Quantum” Henderson has scored a new gig. He is working as a security guard at the Smithsonian. It seems like an average night on the job, but all this is about to change when someone breaks in to steal an artefact from the Museum of Natural History.

As usual the dialogue in this title remains great; it will have you in stiches. This title is really well written and it seems to never drop in quality as each issue is released. But what is the title without Woody? Wherever Eric is Woody has to follow… or he will disintegrate into a number of particles without the “Clang”. But as fate would have it, the brothers would cross paths once again. Only this time one is playing for the cops and the other is playing for the robbers and this leads to a rather unpredictable heist.

Kano gives some great illustrations in this issue. The art is detailed leading to great panels filled with exceptional colouring. Character’s expressions are easy to read and understand and this works well, especially in the more humorous parts of the writing. The movement in the action scenes work well and are easy to follow even when the background colours change completely.

This issue is a fun one and once again provides an arc that new readers can start from. Quantum and Woody is a title that never aims to be serious but is being taken seriously as it fills a void in the current market. It proves that light hearted entertainment can be just as successful, that stories do not need to be complex and convoluted in order to be received well. Quantum and Woody sticks to its original formula and it’s definitely a good one.

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