Pages: 32

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

This series finale continues from where it last left us…impressed. This series picks up the pace with epic chase scenes and memorable moments of guts and glory…but mostly guts.

Prometheus F and S #4-01

The last issue in this series that I reviewed was issue two; it was a great issue that really lived up to the hyped that surrounded this title. This issue turns up the heat as Xenomorphs are everywhere, and they all have one goal. To kill anything human and anything that gets in their way. Most of the issue revolves around the crew trying to escape the Xenomorphs. There are epic chase scenes and those that get caught will leave you with epic gore filled memories. There are threats from every direction. If it is not Xenomorphs then it is the Engineer and if it is not him, then it is one of their own, the madman that decided to splice himself with engineer DNA.

Once again the art is flawless. The book is very dark in colour as the protagonists are facing a dire situation. Nothing happy is happening here! All the characters are drawn with great detail, the aliens really look daunting and scary, lending to the horror aspect of this issue. You can feel the horror that each victim is experiencing thanks to some great facial expressions and visuals that are easily recognisable. The amount of detail placed into the backgrounds and the colours used in this issue is unrivalled; the creative team truly make you feel the horror that this issue presents and the shocking visuals back this up!

Prometheus F and S #4-02

This is a great read; the amount of effort that Dark horse has put into this title has definitely not gone unnoticed in this issue. It is the perfect recipe for success, great story, great visuals and an excellent tempo which will give the reader an adrenaline rush of note.

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