Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 Review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Another human crew falls victim to the Xenomorph threat as they unknowingly board a vessel that is infested by this alien threat. Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 wastes no time in getting straight into the action and horror whilst tell a great sci-fi story.

Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 comic book Review

Yes, from that intro one can clearly see that this book is all kinds of impressive. The creative minds behind this title clearly know what they are doing. They are using three great titles: Prometheus, Alien and Predator in order to create the perfect issue. The writing is great and engages the reader from the get go. The crew on the ship provide some engaging dialogue highlighting the fact that this comic will be have a great character focus. The minute the Xenomorphs appear you can just feel the horror as you witness the violence happening on the page. The goal of this crew is to survive and the environment surrounding makes this easier said than done.

Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 comic Review

The art in this issue is great. Ferreyra captures the essence of Prometheus well. You feel that you are taken on a sci-fi expedition, as the artists gives you a planet filled with extra-terrestrial life forms, most of which look extremely dangerous. Ferreyra captures the Xenomorphs perfectly as they look and move like they should and thanks to the dark, daunting background colours you find yourself immersed in the horror and serious nature of the events taking place on the page. The level of detail in the characters and their facial expressions are great, you can identify the emotional turmoil that this crew goes through with ease. You have it all in this issue great spaceship designs and detail, gore and elements from the two major contributors to the story; all that is missing is a Predator.

Fire and Stone #2 is a great issue. It manages to interest the reader and keep the readers interest. You become invested in the events taking place between crew members and this story offers a glimpse into the potential that the sequel to the Prometheus will have and at this moment the future is looking bright for both the film and comic adaptations of Prometheus.

Prometheus Fire and Stone Review

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