prime evil #1

Storyline: B

Artwork: D

When a double homicide takes place it calls a former FBI agent out of retirement. What could be so serious as to call Dr. Lily Watson back into active duty and could this case make her take the job?

prime evil #1 review

Now working as a senior lecturer at a university Dr. Watson was once an FBI agent that specialised in t=what could be termed as “Occult” cases. During one of her lessons on religion and history she is interrupted by an old friend and agent of the FBI. Her assistance is required once more as they are dealing with the murder of two people; however this one seems to hit her on a personal level. When the bodies of the victims are described it is clear to see that Lily is flustered, shocked and horrified.

Being 12 pages long you end up feeling as if this issue was cut short a little too soon. Just as things start off the story is brought to a close. You can’t even say that the reader is left on a cliff hanger as at the stage of is conclusion the reader does not know much about what is happening. So a definite criticism is the fact that this issue is too short if it were 18 – 24 pages I am sure that the reader would be left more satisfied. The writing is good and the use of contemporary subjects and celebrities was quite nice to see as well.

prime evil #1 review

The art leaves much to be desired, the proportions are off especially when it changes to more of a line drawing. Both Lily and her former colleague tend to look a bit different on each page; so there are definitely some consistency issues. When it switches to more of a brushed art, this issue takes a leap in the right direction as it works well at creating that eerie feel that works well with a thriller/horror.

This is a nice independent effort featuring some good writing, the issue could have been longer in order to expand on the lead character and bring something unique to the table, but maybe leaving the reader wanting is what they desired.

prime evil #1 review comic book

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