Storyline: A

Artwork: B+

The Xenoverse is expanded yet again. Following the events of the successful Fire and Stone arc, Life and Death tells the story of a group of Colonial Marines who have been sent out to secure a distant planet that is scheduled to be Terraformed by the infamous Weyland-Yutani company.


Their job is simple; they are to move in and secure the area, making sure that there are no others that might hinder the terraforming once it begins. But of course, with the Yutja around, nothing will be going according to plan.

Predator Life and Death #1 is mostly dialogue, as it spends the majority of the pages on story set up. You get to see the new characters and some display their characteristics, but for the most part, this issue holds back on the action. Some characters definitely leave an impression from the get-go, but remember this is a horror title so they need you to invest your emotions into these characters so the Predator can get a response from the reader as he takes lives.

Each issue will have a different artist. The art in this issue is kept dark and gritty, so you can feel the gravity of the situation from the get go. The art is highly detailed although the jungle does look rather bland at times, but this is mostly due to the colouring. But how can a jungle look vibrant in a dark read? That would hinder the tone. So the drawings are definitely suited to the story being told. When the action does take place, things look great and you can feel the violence leaping off each page. The action scene at the end of the issue brings the violence to life and it displays the power of The Predator.

This issue does not offer us an in-depth look at the Yutja and their reasoning behind the killing of the Marines. It does a great job of introducing the new story and serves its purpose of being an informative issue. I just hope the upcoming issues will give us some more action sequences, but all in all this issue gets its job done and it does so in style.


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