Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Dr. Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, is given her own 6 issue series which will deal with her ability to create life as well as impose death as she fights with her human nature.


Luisa Cruz is more than a work colleague to Poison Ivy, she is a mentor and the woman that gave her a second chance at life. Life for Pamela is confusing as is, being connect to the green she feels as though she is a walking hybrid both physically and emotionally. She feels disconnected from humanity and her new job at the Gotham Botanical Gardens has given her a great opportunity to interact with people that appreciate the environment as much as she does. But all goes south in the blink of an eye as Luisa is found murdered in the lab and her cause of death looks Poison Ivy related. Pamela will have to prove that she is innocent whilst trying to track down the perpetrator that committed this heinous crime.

This issue relies heavily on dialogue. It allows us to get into the mind of Pamela via her thoughts, actions and interactions. So the majority of this issue is story and character building. But an old friend does pay her a visit and this gives Pamela the chance to showcase her powers in a few pages of action. It is interesting to see the connection that Ivy has with her friend as they are both a special type of crazy. With a life of crime behind her, will Poison Ivy’s search for justice become a quest for revenge?

The art in this issue is great. The lead females definitely look appealing but they are not falling victim proportion inconsistencies in order to give some fan service. Poison Ivy actually dresses less scantily in this one as she looks to be taking her new working role seriously. Harley is sexualised as usual, as this seems to be the Fan Boy Kryptonite. The colours are bright for the most part and the backgrounds often make use of green and red; so you get the feeling that the green is battling the red in the background. The character detail and colouring is great as the pencilling is rather intricate and filled with fine detail. However, it does not distract the reader at all as the art is easy to follow.

This is a good introduction to a brand new look at one of DC’s most infamous female anti-heros. The story is really taking it back to basics as it is dealing with a super powered being questioning her nature both human and plant. And the murder of her mentor is about to throw one heck of a curveball into her journey of self-discovery.


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