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The amount of originality on the indie comic scene never ceases to amaze me. I was contacted by Fanboy Comics and asked to give their flagship title, Penguins vs Possums Volume 1, a read.


Penguins and Possum is not a military term or a secret code. It is literally these two species going head to head in a war. The Penguins seem to have got their grubby wings on to some heavy artillery. They use weaponry and technology to their advantage. The Possums, on the other hand, are more like the warriors of old, as they wield swords, swing knives and toss spears into the flesh of their enemies… the penguins. This title is well written as it introduces as to the cast of characters. These characters are not shallow at all. In fact, they are quite complex leading the reader to question the side that they will chose. Be it Penguin or Possum, each species shares its own secrets, prophecies and beliefs.

The art of the book is completed in black and white, so attention to detail has to be precise as there is not colouring to hide behind. The art remains consistent for the most part. There are no artist switches in the first volume and, although the proportions do change from time to time, this is not a train smash. After all, this is a war between species that we hardly see in our daily lives. Each Possum and Penguin is easily identifiable as they have their unique look and characteristics. This gives us a great cast of characters and saves us from seeing re-spawned generic penguins and possums. Ironically, it is the human characters that look clumsy in this volume.

Prepare for cliff-hangers and many pop culture references, as this title is filled with everything: romance, comedy and hyper violence. This has become synonymous with this title. The writing will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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