Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

Once again, in what would seem to be true Goblin fashion, Pathfinder Goblins is split into two stories, with a different team working on each story. The first issue, “The Glorious Demise of Gurgle and Deep” is set in a world of Goblin pirates, while the second, “Magic Pig”, is written by James L. Sutter and is illustrated by South Africa’s own Sean Izaakse.

In the first issue we see two misguided Goblins devise the plan of looting a ship that they believe to contain riches beyond their wildest dreams. Gurgle and Deep team up with a different race of Goblins in order to sink this ship. They are long lungs, Goblins capable of diving to great depths. Expect poor planning, backstabbing and the classic Goblin greed. Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque gives us superb detail in this issue. Backgrounds and characters receive the same amount of attention. This creates one great looking story that lends to the visual gags through the use of some highly detailed characters and expressions.

The second story is a flawed fairy tale with the intention being to entertain through the Goblin’s lack of intellect and the ruthlessness that comes as a result of their selfishness and greed. When a Goblin chief claims that he has been granted power due to his magic pig, a small group of goblins take it upon themselves to rise to power through the use of magic that they stole from a human traveller. Equipped with new powers, one of the Goblins decides to make himself invisible in an attempt to obtain the ultimate power… the power of the pig. What ensues is one crazy fun filled adventure that only a true Goblin can provide. Sean Izaakse does a great work on the art. Unlike the first story, “Magic Pig” does not feel like a cartoon. The layout and pencils give it a fairy tale like feel. The story is appropriately structured and highly detailed. Sean Izaakse shows us some great imagery that brings this story to life. He seems to be the magic traveller when it comes to illustration on this issue.

Pathfinder Goblins #2 is a very entertaining read. It offers some adventure and serves its purpose of being fun. It makes for the perfect break from the serious on-going titles that you have subscribed to at your local comic store. Once again Pathfinder gamers are treated to perks of this purchase, as it comes with a Goblin character sheet and a few Goblin charts as well. Paizo has really kept their fan-base in mind when it comes to releasing titles. Not only do they get freebies, but they are given great comics as well.

[box_tip]I’d like to thank Paizo for being kind enough to post a physical copy of the variant issue for review. It is the variant issue that features the cover art of South Africa’s Sean Izaakse, and man, it is one fun cover.[/box_tip]

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