Storyline: B-

Artwork: B+

Pathfinder has decided to bring another of their franchises to the world of print. This follows on from the success of Dynamite Comic’s Pathfinder. But this time round the little green goblins are given the chance to shine.

Each Goblin issue comprises of two short stories, with a different writer and artist in each arc. As one could only expect of these characters, each story focuses on mischief, greed and violence. The first story is titled, “The One-Eyed Goblin is King” and is written by Adam Warren. The Goblins come across an artefact which leads to a bit of an internal struggle as they begin to turn on one another in order to achieve power. This story is comedic at best and filled with copious amounts of Goblin on Goblin hyper-violence. This is exactly what the story is and other than an impressive Goblin ambush, majority of the story is actually repetition as they kill each other for power. Carlos Gomez offers some great art and presents the Goblins in a cartoon like way, these Pathfinder Mascots are given the five star treatment in terms of detailed art, and it is a real pity they did not have the writing to match.

“Prize Pupil” is the second story on offer in this issue. It is written by Erik Mona and illustrated by Shane White. This is definitely the stronger of the two stories as it shows the Goblins in a different light – that they can be more than the mindless miscreants they are made out to be. The results are actually quite chilling! This story offers more structured plots and twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged throughout. This arc almost does a complete 180 in comparison to the opening story. Comedy is few, with the main focus being to show how wicked and devious Goblins can be, that they are a threat that is horribly underestimated in the Pathfinder universe. Shane White does a great job on the art as he offers different and more expressive looking Goblins. Unlike Gomez’s art, these Goblins veer away from the mascot look and are presented as being more human like and less demon like. Gribbet the lead Goblin in this story takes it upon himself to rise up against his oppressors and it is White that captures these moments perfectly.

Pathfinder Goblins #1 makes for a decent read, which will definitely be better appreciated by a Pathfinder gamer (the Goblins are definitely using lots of jargon in their broke version of Yoda vernacular). Each comic comes with sheets that can also be incorporated into the Pathfinder game, scoring the reader that extra bang for their buck! “Prized Pupil” is definitely the star story in this issue. However, The Goblins are here for one reason only and that is to provide light-hearted entertainment that features graphic violence. So this issue gets a mission accomplished stamp of approval, but it definitely saved the best story for last.

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