Storyline: B+

Artwork: B-

Something strange is happening at Sandpoint, Valeros and the rest of the team set out to discover the truth behind this beast that is terrorising the locals.

A new story arc begins in this issue as a new threat emerges in Varisia. This new arc sets about by re-introducing characters to the reader. So new readers can pick up this issue and get an equal start. Once again each character brings their personality to the fore, so readers can establish what makes them unique and an asset to the team. Jim Zub presents us with a balanced issue that features great dialogue and enough action scenes to keep you satisfied. Valeros gathers the team as they track down a creature that is busy terrorising the locals and animals of Sandpoint. But things are not as they seem and the team may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Whilst this issue sets up the story there is an action scene involving some unfortunate bandits. It is fun to see how Valeros enjoys the fight whilst belittling his opponents. He manages to pick up the pace a bit when it comes to this issue, whilst Kyra an her peace loving ways attempt to slow things down. Overall, the issue is kept at a steady, satisfactory pace throughout.

Andrew Huerta has been substituted by Jake Bilbao and you can really feel the change in the artwork. Bilbao attempts to keep the art consistent to his predecessor but he is simply not as good. Detail seems to have been lost along the panels and characters facial detail seems to have become inferior to that in issues of the past; at times looking very cartoon like. The art also seems too cautious and toned down, almost as though it is trying to make a fantasy title more realistic.

Overall, this issue is an entertaining read that re-introduces a great team of protagonists, whilst offering great dialogue and humour. New readers are able to see just what each member brings to the team, making this issue a great start off point that may confuse readers into believing this is a zero or first issue. Once again this issue comes with some Pathfinder gaming extras, giving fans of this genre some added value.

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