pale dark #3 review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B

Subject K has escaped from the Pale Man and is on the run to Earth along with Spez, who is not as looney as he once seemed. The answers are starting to present themselves slowly. However, The Pale Man is hot on their tracks as he attempts to re-capture his test subjects.

pale dark #3

Pale Dark #3 still leaves us with plenty to wonder about. However, it does give us a little insight as to what the world has become. We see that Spez is not looney at all. He is, in fact, a high-ranking officer in the resistance movement that is fighting against the Pale Man and his injustices. This issue focuses on two things; the recapture of Subject K and the origins of Spez. This is used to show the ruthless nature of the antagonist and to show us just how clueless Subject K is. The writing is good and straight to the point in this issue. It is written in such a way that it works together with the pace of the illustrations on display.

The art is exactly what we have come to expect of this title. That being said, there are a few brighter colours in this issue and that is most likely to showcase that they are no longer in solitary confinement in outer space. The pencilling is very detailed, but the colour choices in most case are either too bland or some find themselves lacking texture which could have really strengthened the image and the impression it gives the reader.

This is a title I will follow simply to find out why Subject K is important to all the parties at play. He seems to be the key to everything and hopefully we will find out more in the issues to come.

pale dark #3 review

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