Pale-Dark-2 Review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

Subject K picks up the pace with an issue that remains shrouded in a mystery of colossal proportions. Whilst Subject K’s blood is turning out as being compatible for the Pale Man, his fellow inmates have come up with a way as to how they can escape captivity. Will Spez be able to unlock opportunities for escape or will they continue to be the test subjects of the torturous pale man.

 Chuck Amadori pale dark

As mentioned earlier this book picks up the pace with a lot of heated arguments and an escape opportunity that arises from where it was least expected. With Subject K’s DNA proving to be the missing ingredient to the Pale Man’s plans; it becomes apparent that the protagonists need to flee. Although much remains hidden in mystery, it is quite apparent that Subject K was not a random target, he was selected for a specific task; one of great importance. And it would seem that his blood holds great value.

The art is dark and really lends to the feel of this book being set on a space station. Most frames have a few details which in turn lends to the story; but for the bulk of the issue you can see the art is making an attempt at conveying that this is a sci-fi read in which the lead character will suffer the tortures of solidarity. The characters have great detail, and lovely colouring allowing for an easy read with facial expressions that are easily recognisable.

At this stage little is still known about the captors and their reasoning behind the torture and tests but the escape is on. This is a good issue that sees the set up for what lies ahead. After the long wait Pale Dark #2 is here and waiting on your purchase for the low price of $1.99. With art as good as the writing this book is sure to be a success.

 Chuck Amadori pale dark

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