Storyline: B

Artwork: B

Chuck Amadori places the reader in the middle of a situation like no other; imagine waking up in an interrogation room and being toyed with like a lab rat whilst being treated like a war criminal. Welcome to Pale Dark issue one!

The comic revolves around Subject K and his fellow test subjects as they are being poked and prodded by the Pale Man, who is one rather creepy individual. The writing lets you experience what Subject K is experiencing as he, like the reader, is uncertain of the events taking place. His fellow captives seem to understand just what is going on but both the reader and the protagonist seem to be lost in translation. This is some good writing as it gives off the Stream of Consciousness feel, making the reader feel as though he/she is present at the events taking place. The story seems to be setting up for a psychological thriller, with so many things left unanswered you can’t help but be intrigued and the conclusion will leave any reader wondering as to what comes next.

As you can imagine this is a dark read, so do not expect many, or in fact any, bright colouring. The backgrounds are shrouded in shades of black, even the pages are black. The darkness give it a very eerie and creepy feel. The only brightness shown tends to be the light that surrounds the Pale Man as he opens the doors in order to collect his subjects. This just adds to the sheer creepiness of his character as he begins to feel more alien and less human. The art is done in a cell-shading style, the rounded, smooth characters accompanied by the shades of grey and black really add to the terror behind the book. It gives off a strong extra-terrestrial feel without featuring any aliens; but that creepy Pale Man is really un-nerving and resembles “The Greys” with his pale face and dark ringed eyes.

This book is definitely heading in a great direction, as there is so much still to be explained. Right now we are in the middle of something that not even the protagonist understands. One thing is for certain though; this is going to be one psychological joy ride which might actually feature less joy and more torture and twists. What makes Subject K so special and who or what is the Pale Man?

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