Storyline: B

Artwork: B+

There is nothing special about Michael, he is the average Joe suffering from a universal problem; life. He is a slacker that has gotten himself into some bad debt and his ex-wife and his kid want nothing to do with him. If anything makes him extraordinary, it would be the amount of trouble he has managed to get himself into during his life time. But Michael is about to learn that being ordinary is something others would die for!

The world around Michael changes in an instant with everyone gaining a super-power, everyone except him. It would seem that he has such bad luck that even fate seemed to forget about him. Ordinary offers a refreshing read as it brings something new to the genre. The powers given to the characters in the supporting cast are quite ridiculous. Michael’s best friend becomes an actual American Grizzly bear, the thug twins Tweedle D and Tweedle Dumb become a siamese twin hulk and people turn into actual dragons. Basically, New York will never be the same again. There is only one thing that has remained the same and at the moment Michael is panicking as his life changes from bad to worse.

This comic makes use of great humour. It captures the reader’s imagination and shows us that Michael can be an entertaining protagonist even though he has no powers. You have to like his wit and the way in which he handles this shift in reality; he heads straight to the bar. A bar in which he exchanges jokes with a bear!

The art in this issue is bright, so bright that you immediately know that this tale is going to be one of a less serious nature. Michael is drawn as a weak, timid looking fellow; he is smaller than the other characters in the story and his body language shows that he is not a confident fellow. The character designs in this book are crazy, but the good type of crazy, as people are not given text book superpowers. Some people become a new species altogether! The layout and lettering do steal from this issue however. The layout leaves a lot of unused space on some pages whilst the lettering is so small that you can mistake one word for being another with ease.

Ordinary #1 is a fun read. It is nothing exceptional, but it does make for good fun. It is great to kick back and read a lighthearted story that purely aims to entertain the purchaser of the book. This is still a title for mature readers only as some of the punchlines end up being below the belt. Be warned, you might find yourself reading lines over and over because of the tiny lettering used throughout this comic!

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