Pages: 297
ISBN: 9781783292561

Storyline: B-

Artwork: C

Whenever a book is retold in the medium of film, bookworms around the world have a knee-jerk reaction of protest, proposing that no film could ever replace their beloved book. From then on out they spend their days either torturously deciding between the two mediums or refusing to even make a comparison.

Noah is one of the last men seeking to live a life of righteous living according to the old law of conservation and vegetarianism. He receives a prophetic vision that the world would be flooded and wiped clean of sin and corruption in order to start anew. To decipher this dream he seeks out his father, Methuselah, for wisdom and direction. This quest comes with many obstacles, opposition and heart breaking decisions that forever change Noah and the face of the earth.

This book really was a well rehashed telling of the motion picture. It was well written with details that allowed the reader to catch up on some things they may have missed in the watching of the film, including the interaction and back story of Ham’s love interest. It was however exactly as the film was presented with little variation to the original plot or inclusion of scenes that would have made it a great book in its own right.

If you have seen the film then there really won’t be much enjoyment in reading the book. The book alone cannot captivate or excite when every scene, twist or dialogue is completely predictable to the reader. Is the film’s direction, edit and execution so exceptional that there was nothing more that needed to be added to make it more desirable to the readers? It was either that or that the screenplay is so protected that the author was given very strict instructions to simply put the film down into words.

For some, a book is always the first choice when it comes to relaxation and enjoyment but when it comes to this sort of film, that has been so heavily advertised, received such good criticism and that is an original storyline in the film format, why would you be content with reading the epic action adventure when you could go see it!

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