Pages: 108
ISBN: 9781783292585

Storyline: D

Artwork: B

Warning: when the book cover says “based on a screenplay”, it means it.

Ila, a wounded orphan, is the soul survivor of a vicious raid in an ancient and desolate land. She is discovered and rescued by people who happen upon her on their journey: Noah and his family. She soon finds out that Noah has received a prophetic call to build an ark and save his family from a flood that will wipe the earth clean of sin and corruption. Ila grows up to become the love of Noah’s son, Shem, and is tested as she faces her personal fears that come from her feelings for Shem and the holy mission of her adopted father.

This was a very disappointing read. As Ila is the only new character to the original adventure of the Biblical account of Noah, there is a great hope that a book based on the film would give you a greater insight into the woman herself, share deep thoughts that could not be brought across on screen, share secret information that could only be accessed through this book or at least give us an in-depth alternative to the movie itself. This book does none of these things; it literally just blandly recounts the screenplay, pretty much word for word. Adding to that it uses diction that is hardly suitable, or even useable to a story placed in ancient times. Statements like “here come the mammals” and words like “spooky” to describe massive rock monsters would never have been in an innocent young prehistoric woman’s vocabulary.

The writing in of itself is not horrific but it has to be said that the style and detail is set way below the intended target audience of young adults. They would probably label it simple and dull. It is true that the author’s hands may have been tied in regards to alterations of the script, but that would have been very short-sighted as the truth is: it cannot offer any more than what we have already seen on the big screen. If you have seen the film, don’t bother with this book.

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