Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

Finally, Ninjak has been given his long awaited solo run. He is a ninja unlike any of those before him. Colin King is a blend of Bruce Wayne and James Bond and he is perfect at what he does. He is a world-class spy, weapons and demolitions expert and a Ninja! It is finally his chance to get a reboot within the new Valiant Universe.


Matt Kindt does a great job of writing this title. As one would expect of his writing, it is well thought out and very character focused which is important as he is rebooting a very prominent Valiant character. The comic is comprised of real time and flashbacks which show you glimpses of Ninjak’s past; the things that would make the young Colin King the smartest man in the world. Kindt is thinking so far ahead with this issue and he gives us a multi-layered story that is filled with both character development and action.

The action sequences are intense and they come at you from all angles. You can get a great feel for the character based on this issues art. You can see that Ninjak can and will do anything to emerge victoriously. You can also see his Ninjutsu as he can strike from any direction at any moment.


Be prepared as this issue opens with a bang. We are thrown into the heat of a well-choreographed battle. The colours in this issue are spot on and they bring every image to life. Everything looks so natural that the story never looks forced and it never feels as though it is trying to impress the reader. And it just does!

This debut was definitely well worth the wait. Ninjak #1 proves to be a hit as we expected. Kindt offers a solid story filled with writing at its best. And then you have Clay Mann backing up each and every bit of writing with solid and impactful art. This issue is almost flawless and definitely a series worth following.



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