Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

The plot thickens as the search for Carroll continues, forcing the protagonists Crane and Finch to seek assistance from the murderer at the centre of all this madness, Edward “Nailbiter” Warren.

As the book opens it is made known that Edward was found not guilty for a rather long series of crimes. The question as to why he was found not guilty still remains unanswered. The story than flashes forward to the present as Finch and Crane head to the home of Warren in order to find out where Carroll is. Warren is supposedly the last person he had contacted before his disappearance and our protagonists are wondering if the Nailbiter himself has made a meal of Carroll’s visit. Many strange things have happened in Buckaroo and Warren’s freedom is definitely one of them. Warren makes a good antagonist; he is clever with his words and knows just what to say in order to get under the skin of the law. Finch tells the reader of his profession in the army and why Carroll would need him. This is when the story erupts with change as Carroll’s apartment goes up in flames.

At this point, like the story, the imagery becomes darker and more serious. We are given a history lesson about the Buckaroo Butchers and shown just how crazy each butcher was. Some are so bad that it makes Warren’s “alleged” crimes look mild. Finch braves the flames in an effort to retrieve a body from the embers. Is this burnt body of Carroll?

The writing in this issue is perfectly timed, to the point that you may think it is from the script for a movie. It even makes reference to a movie that is amongst the most successful psychological horrors ever created. There is never a dull moment in this writing. This issue ends so soon, leaving the reader with high expectation. The art is still as chilling as ever. It makes use of graphic violence, but the level of violence adds to the story. It shows the cold calculating nature of the Buckaroo Butchers. The dark colours work well with title. It captures the atmosphere of Buckaroo very well. It is a dark town with dark secrets, secrets that both Finch and Crane can only hope to find out.

This is a great read. It is written perfectly and timed well. Nailbiter #2 is a great follow up to a successful issue. There is definitely something odd happening in this story, something that leaves the question; is Edward Charles Warren as innocent as the jury found him to be or does he know the secret of the Buckaroo Butchers?

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