Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Finch has gone on a direct assault since finding out just how cruel the Buckaroo Butchers can be.


The time for games is over and Warren gets the truth beaten out of him – slowly. Meanwhile, the church of Buckaroo also takes a stance against the evil that plagues their city, but their method seems to be a type of cult madness.

Finch is getting closer to finding out the truth about Buckaroo and why so many serial killers come from this little town in Oregon. He heads over to Sheriff for a little breakfast surprise. Finch drags a beaten Warren along with him in an attempt to get him to confess. But will they get answers out of this madman? They might.

There is a lot happening in this issue and it all revolves around the series of murders in Buckaroo. Murders that have led to a new threat, the threat of a church cult bound on harming those that did them wrong.

The art is great in this issue, even though the issue is split between two artists; they work so well together that you cannot feel any disturbance as the art shifts. In fact, the transition is so good it feels as though it is non-existent. Characters facial expressions are easily recognisable and this is important in a comic of this nature as the reader wants to see how the characters react to each other and the violence present in Buckaroo. The colouring is plain and nothing is too colourful. This sticks to the dark tone that the story gives off.

The new threat in Oregon is not that great and they make for a weak cliffhanger. What we need to see is more of Warren and Finch as they duke it out verbally and physically. Finch’s aggression is great to see as he exemplifies just how Buckaroo can affect one emotionally and mentally. This leads the reader to believe that Finch may have become the monster in this nail biting issue.


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