Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Mystery Girl follows Trine, a young woman with the ability to know the answer to everyone’s mysteries. Somehow her power/ability is knowing it all. However, she can’t solve the mystery of how she got her supernatural talent.


This read is definitely one for mature readers. It contains lots of nudity and some graphic violence but this is exactly what makes this comic appealing. It is offering the reader something new and complex. So each and every event, as random as they may seem, is actually connected, thanks to some great writing. The story has a dark detective feel to it with very few action sequences for the main part. However, there is some great humour to lighten the mood at times. The formula works well in this series as it creates an element of mystery as the reader attempts to connect the events before Trine does.

After being assigned to a brand new case involving a mammoth in Siberia, Trine’s powers kick in and let her know that she is being targeted by one of the most dangerous men in the world and he is on his way to eliminate her. Trine could assassinate him first, but the only problem is that one of her friends is in love with this hired gun.

This story is very unpredictable, really lending to the name the series has been given. It is definitely an interesting read that will leave the reader wanting to know what happens next as it truly feels as though you are reading the script to a TV series. So expect to be entertained and then left wanting more. Mystery Girl has definitely piqued the interest of many and it is only a matter of time before this title becomes known to the masses.


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