Pages: 49
ISBN: 1-939352-40-1

Storyline: B

Artwork: A+

Action Lab’s Molly Danger is an upcoming series written and pencilled by Jamal Igle. Some of you might recognise the title from FCBD 2013. Others might remember Igle’s work on Supergirl. He has set about to bring another super heroine to the fore in the form of Coopersville’s own… Molly Danger.

Molly Danger comic book reviews

Molly seems to be a celebrity in Coopersville, with her own gift store and merchandise. But who is Molly? Is she a child star? Is Molly a preteen pop sensation? No, Molly is a certified butt-kicker that tends to stop crime in her own special, high risk way. To us she seems like an ordinary 10 year old, however, she is out of this world… literally. Molly is in fact in her 30’s and belongs to an alien race that seem to look just like human beings. However, she is super strong, invulnerable, agile and fun. Although she seems indestructible, especially as she takes on her supermech villains, Molly shows that she is human by nature. What people see on the outside is not the Molly that the reader gets to know in this novel. Not only is she dealing with extraordinary super villains but she is combating emotional issues of her own as she is forced to live as a child in an environment that does not give her the opportunity to be one.

Molly Danger Jamal Igle review

Jamal’s pencilling is brilliant; the frames are full and well detailed. The amount of effort put into this title really shows, it has stunning highly detailed images throughout. When it comes to down to it you can really feel each emotion expressed by the characters, especially Molly. The way in which he has captured the character’s face lets the viewer really feel her pain and longing without the viewer feeling as though these emotions have been forced upon them.

All in all this 54 pager serves as a great introduction, with a lot more Molly than danger. Nevertheless, it does a great job in showing us this fun, youthful, yet emotionally troubled, character. Molly Danger is the type of character young comic readers could relate to, whilst the older generation is left longing to give her guidance. But young or old, prepare yourself to be blown away by some truly stunning visuals. Now that the introduction is over we can look forward to reading what comes next. With a name like Molly Danger, let’s hope that we see more action in the subsequent books.

molly danger comic book review


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