minions #2 comic book review

Storyline: C

Artwork: B

We follow a day in the lives of these menacing little villains as they take us through a series of humorous and ironic events. Minions #2 features a different story on each page and it showcases the amount of creativity that this franchise is able to inspire.

minions #2 comic books review

The Minions have proved to be a billion dollar franchise. These characters leave people of all ages wanting more. These guys are everywhere and now you can find them on the pages of their very own comic. This comic comprises of many short stories. Each story is a page long with some having more panels than others. For the most part, the stories are creative but you do get the few stories which are rather cliché and the reader would have come across a similar joke before. Then you get the few stories which will leave you wondering what the heck just happened. The script is far from being a masterpiece, but there is definitely a market for this comic as it fits in well as a gag comic. Everything is light-hearted and done for the fun; The Minions are synonymous with fun after all.

The art is good and the Minions look quite great thanks to the background colours that are being used throughout the comic. The bright colours in the background allow us to feel that it is light-hearted fun. Most pages make use of warmer colours and this helps set the pace of the comic script whilst keeping readers in a “Happy” mood.

Minions #2 is a fun, but forgettable read. The humour is simply too fleeting to really leave an impression on the reader. But this does not make it a bad comic, it is, however, an attempt to cash-in on a successful franchise. Some will like it and kids will love it. This title could have been so much more.

minions  comic book review

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