Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Free Comic Book Day introduced readers to Midnight Tiger. It shared its zero issue with the popular Skward comic. Finally, after the long wait, a full issue of Midnight Tiger makes its debut under the Action Comics label.


This issue kicks off by showing us that our hero is not the only one with super powers. A villain with the power to control fire is on the loose. The government is trying to blame the deaths and damages on a new arsonist in the hopes that the average citizen will not believe that the infamous Infernus is on the loose. But the Midnight Tiger knows better. He patrols the streets and the gang activity that comes with it. Since his return from a fatal injury, one that saw his intestines clawed out by a metahuman, Gavin is different. He woke up from his coma to find that he had changed. Unknown to him, this came as a result of a blood transfusion from one of the city’s greatest heroes… Lionsblood. Gavin was given heightened senses, supreme agility and rapid regeneration, as well as strength beyond that of a normal human. We see the Midnight Tiger put his powers on display in a dark alley in which he saves a couple and their child from a mugging. This event plays on the origin of one of the greatest comic heroes of all time.

Gavin is a smart teen that has to deal with problems such as gangs, alcohol, drugs and the influence they have on those around him. He has lost friends to the influences of gangs and the threats they pose on those who refuse to join. This leads Gavin to hunt down the Amp responsible for the gang activity in his area. He goes face to face with the man everyone fears, P-Stone.


The art in this issue is great. The majority of the colouring is dark, letting you know that Gavin has no intention of becoming another Spider-man. This is not going to be a happy-clappy read. Our protagonist is faced by the harsh realities of life. The dark colours and tones work well in this read. The character costume design is awesome. Every aspect of it looks great, from its colour to its claws and tabi shoes. Midnight Tiger has a unique look, one that is definitely memorable.

This is a great first issue that introduces the reader to the threats that Gavin will have to deal with when he dons the mask of the Midnight Tiger. Gavin is a great lead character that has a wit about himself and has a great focus on ridding his city of crime. This title looks promising and it is definitely one that will provide some stellar action scenes!


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