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By now we’ve all see a few of the 20th Century Fox created X-Men movies. These films started at the turn of the century and have been going (mostly) strong ever since. With the stories being based on existing storylines they’ve had to take liberties with their portrayal of these comics. The Uncanny X-Men features two of these tales.


Days of Future Past is based off the comic of the same name. While the overall story is only two issues long, there are additional other issues leading up to it (included in this book). It’s interesting how Fox managed to span two issues into a two-hour movie. They didn’t include most of the prelude issues either. Yes, a lot of liberties have been taken. For example, Kitty Pryde is sent back in time instead of Wolverine, and most of the characters in the comic aren’t in the film, and Magneto almost doesn’t feature at all. This may be a shock to fans of the movie.


The second part of this book, Good Love, Man Kills, is the basis for X2: X-Men United, but with a lot of changes. The antagonist, William Stryker, isn’t a military general, but rather a hard-core evangelist minister. It’s worth noting how the story parallels Germany during World War 2. The anti-mutant movement is led by their charismatic leader looking to take away mutant rights. Stryker is often shown in Hitler poses and with the Nazi colours and symbolism. This is truly one of the darker X-Men tales. I love how the story plays out and how much you feel for the mutants. This story was a bold stepping stone in comic book storytelling, and I’m glad Marvel took it.

The artwork in God Loves, Man Kills is particularly beautiful. Each frame has a lot of detail, and there isn’t a point where you feel lost or overwhelmed by what’s happening on the page.

My only complaint with this book is the cover. Not only does it only show male mutants, which is disappointing considering Storm, Kitty, and Mystique’s involvement, but most of them don’t feature. For example, the cover shows Cable and Bishop (among others), but neither are in this book. It seems whoever chose the cover art made a huge mistake.

The Uncanny X-Men is highly recommended to all comic fans, and non-comic readers alike.


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