Storyline: C

Artwork: B+


By now you have probably seen The Vision in Marvel’s latest movie, The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. This green and red Avenger, originally made his debut under very different circumstances. The Vision graphic novel not only features his original origin, but a revamped one as well.

The first story featured in The Vision consists of his appearance in 1968’s The Avengers #57-58. Issue 57 tells of how the title character tries to kill Wasp and Ant-man; this under the orders of Ultron. It then ends with both robots fighting each other and Ultron being defeated. The second issue chronicles how The Vision joins The Avengers team and recants his creation. For once the older stories are the stand-out ones in this graphic novel series.

Avengers Icons: Vision #1-4 makes up the bulk of this book. It’s a retelling of The Vision’s origin, but modernised for newer audiences. Having been unveiled at a World Fair in the 1940’s, the plans for The Vision are stolen by a German spy. The android is scrapped due to a malfunction. It’s later revealed the Germans created their own robot – a Gremlin – which is wreaking havoc. Vision tasks himself with defeating the creature and somehow repairing how own broken psyche / mind.

The story isn’t told very well, which is a shame. It’s a bit of a mess at times and only the artwork kept me going. Nothing about the pacing or dialogue felt natural, and neither did the character’s actions.

As stated earlier the book’s redeeming qualities consist of the original story and the retelling’s visual presentation. Otherwise the bulk of this book is a mess.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend The Vision for its story, but rather the way it is presented. For die-hard fans only.

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