ISBN: 9772051395022

Storyline: B

Artwork: B


Captain America is one of Marvel’s iconic heroes. In recent years we’ve learnt more about him through his silver screen appearances, Captain America, The Winder Soldier, and The Avengers. Chris Evans does an amazing job of bringing this character to life, but what about his comic book version?

Captain North America – because somehow the word America seems to only encapsulate the North – is an old-fashioned character. He started off as an experimental solider and poster boy for the US during World War II. During a mission he was frozen in ice for twenty years before being recovered again. This book doesn’t recount his origin story, but rather issues 247 – 255 of his Bronze Age of Comics run.

We’re treated to nine issues of Captain America fighting robots, a dragon man, running for presidents, a servant of Dracula, and finally his old enemies: Nazis. These may sound like generic-run-of-the-mill comic stories, but each of them holds a little more to it. The issues gives us more depth to Captain America, his morals, and values. Steve Rogers aka Captain America isn’t just a character clad in the American flag, but rather someone who tries to uphold human life and the belief in freedom for all.


Most of the stories contained here are interesting and told at a decent pace. It did take me a few tries to get into the opening arc, but the ending was worth it. I was quite fond of Cap’s team-up with Union Jack to take down one of Dracula’s minions – an excellent gothic tale.

What can I really say about the artwork? It’s standard 1980s flair, which means a text-box in every frame. Long-time comic fans will read it, but I’m not sure it’ll captivate younger or newer audiences.

I’d recommend this book for long-time Captain America fans. Those of you familiar with the movies I’d advise rather picking up something in the Ultimate Marvel universe line.

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