ISBN: 977205139502256

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

Ororo Munroe, aka as Storm, is definitely one of the most powerful and the most popular X-Men to exist. Although we have seen her origin in a previous X-men issue, this Graphic novel offers us some good solid stories in the form of: Life and Death 1&2 and X-men Worlds Apart.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #56 - Storm

Life and Death Part 1 & 2 shows us a different side of Storm. Having lost her powers due to an experimental weapon made by a friend, Storm finds herself challenged as she tries to live a new life as a powerless human being. After saving Rogue from a blast by an experimental weapon, she loses her own life. The shot would leave her powerless and we find her under the care of Forge, as he tries to comfort Storm while she adapts to the flood of emotions she is experiencing. In Life and Death Part 2, she returns to her homeland as she continues to search for meaning to her new life. This return to her ancestral background finds Storm experiencing a spiritual journey – one with no mutant powers but one which teaches her the value of life, even if it is born from destruction.

Worlds Apart sees Storm having to make the choice between being an X-Man or being the Queen of Wakanda. She has been spreading herself thin and attempts to be both a leading member of the X-Men and a wife to T’Challa, aka The Black Panther.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #56 - Storm

Storm is summoned back to Wakanda where one of her pupils has been accused of murder. Murder is a crime that is almost alien in Wakanda. She heads back expecting the worst. However, she could not imagine what she is in for. The Shadow King returns and turns her life upside down by taking away everything that she holds dearest.

The art throughout this issue looks great. From the older Life and Death arc to the more contemporary Worlds Apart, both stories look great and are filled with detail. The art complements the stories being told and works well at bringing the best out of the written material. Life and Death has a great focus on detailed facial expressions – so we can feel Ororo’s pain and witness each emotion as it resurfaces from a heart that was once emotionless. Worlds Apart, on the other hand, does a great job of showing off the strengths of Storm’s powers. It also sports some great action sequences that will leave you enthralled while Storm faces her greatest challenge yet.

This is a great issue and is worthy of being in this collection! From the minute you open this Graphic Novel, you find yourself reading it without end and this is a sign of a great story being told! Storm is one of the first major superhoreos to represent young black woman. She is a strong character that pays homage to the continent of her birth and fights for justice in the most dire of situations.

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