Marvel's Mightiest Heroes The Silver Surfer

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

Galactus’ herald gets his time to shine as Hachette Partworks brings us a graphic novel collection featuring Norrin Radd, better known as the Silver Surfer.

Galactus has had a few heralds, however, none has been as pure of heart as the Silver Surfer, a herald that respects life and values its importance often leading Galactus to uninhabited planets so that no life is lost during Galactus’ harvest. This Collection offers us the origin tale of this cosmic hero as well as the infamous arc, known as “The Herald Ordeal”, a comic run from the early 90’s which sees the unification of Heralds who have fallen out of Galactus’ favour. This band of misfits, including the villainous Terrax, band together in order to defeat the monster known as Morg.


The origin issue is simply beautiful. Stan Lee and John Buscema present us with a well-written story – one which is written in Old English – something that you would expect to get from the pages of Thor. This makes for a great tale which feels like you are reading a legendary tale. The way in which the Silver Surfer Speaks is a testament to his level of intellect. Norrin Radd has always been one to question and he spent his life learning in the hopes of finding the answers. This debut issue shows us his respect for life and the type of foes that he has come into contact with as The Silver Surfer. But it also shows us how he was given his powers and how it was also stripped of him. Often we look at these throwback debut issues and do not give them enough credit they deserve, but this is one origin that you will not want to miss.

Silver Surfer

The Herald Ordeal is also a great read filled with cosmic colouring and culminating with the 75th Giant Sized Extravaganza issue. This is great as I have an original copy of that issue, the one with the holographic Silver Surfer on the cover, however, I have never read it due to the fact that I was always afraid of damaging the issue. Now I have finally read this arc thanks to this Graphic Novel Collection. Galactus has made a very poor choice in choosing Morg as his latest Herald. Morg is a murder that enjoys taking any and all life. Gifted with the ultimate weapon and a bloodlust second to none. Morg becomes too powerful, so powerful that he captures the attention of the Silver Surfer, forcing the former heralds of Galactus to unite in order to stop this intergalactic threat. This is one enjoyable read that sees a unique team being formed, a dysfunctional team. Airwalker, Nova, Terrax, Firelord and The Silver Surfer unite in a battle against both Morg and his master!

This collection is a great one. It is an enjoyable read from cover to cover. It shows us the evolution of both the Silver Surfer and the writing style of Marvel comics. Both issues showcase some enthralling art with vivid colours that will definitely please the eye as they set the tone for this intergalactic adventure.



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