Storyline: C

Artwork: C

This offering presents us with a story solely dedicated to The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. We get to see Johnny as a youth before he gets the powers that made him the second Human Torch.

Burn Human Torch Vol 2 - Johnny Storm

From the get-go we can see that Johnny Storm was a hot head that loved the attention he got, especially from the opposite sex. It all starts with a girl, one which he and Mike Snow both had the hots for. Mike Snow, aka The Snowman, was the most popular guy at school. He was an Olympic Wrestler candidate and a high school hero. We flash a little bit forward and see that Johnny returns to school claiming that he has new powers. After some disbelief from the other kids, Johnny lights up and proves that he is intact a member of The Fantastic Four. Mike Snow is outshined as the school has a new hero and the hero got the girl. Tensions flare up and Johnny ends up ruining everything Mike held close to him.

Burn Human Torch Vol 2 - Johnny Storm

Years pass and Johnny Storm is a celebrity but all changes when The Snowman returns. And he needs the help of the Human Torch as he is dealing with a murderer that has similar, if not the same powers as The Human Torch. We end up getting a rather entertaining story which sees Johnny learning how to be a Fireman. We get to see our hero in a different light. Often he is depicted as a careless show off but this issue shows us that there is more to the Human Torch and that he is human after all.

Burn Human Torch Vol 2 - Johnny Storm

Skottie Young does a good job on art, however, the art is far too cartoony. We know it is his style but still this story could have been so much more if it had memorable art. The art takes away from the story being told. I appreciate Skottie Young as an artist but I did not enjoy his offering in this one.

It is a decent graphic novel but offers nothing spectacular. From the beginning, it is easy to decipher just as to who the villain is and the motive behind their actions. Is the tale enthralling? Definitely not, and the art could not assist nor complement the story in the slightest.

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