Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #49 Iceman

Storyline: B+

Artwork: B+

One of the original X-men, Iceman makes his debut in this issue of Hachette Partworks’ Marvel Mightiest Heroes collection.

Robert Drake has always been a rather interesting character, one of the most powerful mutants created. However, he is unaware of his full potential. This graphic novel gives us a great origin story and an X-men arc which finally shows Ice-Man tap into his latent potential.


The origins story is a once off arc which is a more contemporary take on our hero, brought to us by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Phil Noto. We see Bobby Drake as he realizes that he is no ordinary teenager and is aware of the fact that mutants are treated as outsiders. He takes it upon himself to become a low-level hero as he learns how to use his new found abilities. But when the town finds out about a mutant in their midsts, Bobby finds himself in need of a rescue and Professor Charles Xavier finds himself in need of an X-man.

The next arc is X-men Vol 2 #66-69, also known as Zero Tolerance. Bobby is finally forced to utilize his potential as he steps up at takes a leadership role. Together with his group of dysfunctional mutants, he attempts to take on the new threat known as the Prime Sentinels. Bobby has to leave his jokes behind as he tries to save the X-men using a group of ragtag heroes.

Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Graphic Novel Collection #49 – Iceman Review

The art in both issues is great. The origins issue is definitely the stand out as it plays far more attention to detail and it is drawn in such a way that the issue looks like a memory. This is definitely the stronger are of the two and it needs to be as there are a wealth of emotions that are on display. After all, Robert is learning that he is no longer an ordinary high schooler.

The second issue screams the 90s as it is filled with the techniques you would find in an X-men title at the time – overly muscular men and women, bright colours all competing for attention on the same page and inconsistent proportions. It is not bad art, it is just that it is not special and would definitely leave this book looking as one in the same among the other X-men titles. It is not the same, this is a whole new Iceman and this should have been emphasized.

Iceman comic review

Overall, this is a good issue. The origin alone is one story worth owning. Zero Tolerance is also a great arc for any Iceman fan and one that needs to be read in order for you to appreciate this character and the lengths he will go to in order to protect his fellow mutants. It is definitely a strong offering.

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