ISBN: 9772051395022

Storyline: A

Artwork: A

Disclaimer: I’ve yet to read the Phoenix Saga.

Let me start by saying I’ve never been overly fond on Jean Grey. My only exposure to her has consisted of a love interest for both Wolverine and Cyclops in the three X-Men movies, and a so-so character within the 1990’s cartoon series. Let’s be honest here: neither of them gave her any real character or justice. Thankfully (issue six of) Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes done just that.


The first part of this issue consists on an origin story: X-Men Origins: Jean Grey. This is where we’re introduced to Gene and her life. This gorgeous piece of art tells the tale of a young girl as she tries to accept & control her powers, overcome a tragedy, and let Professor Xavier help her. My favourite bit about this story is the artwork. It consists of hand-drawn images, which bring the story to life.

The second part of this book, or rather the bulk of it, is made up of a post Avengers vs. X-Men story line: Here Comes Yesterday. In in the original X-Men are brought forward in time in order to stop the present day Cyclops. The once leader of the X-Men has joined forces with Magneto and Emma Frost to start a mutant uprising, which could lead to another civil war. Jean is given more spotlight as she not only has one of her powers prematurely activated, but also seen what her long-time love, Cyclops, will become. Jean is forced to grow up and deal with this new reality. The artwork is done in a more conventional comic book style, but I love the way old and new X-men are drawn.


Both stories are excellent choices and I commend Hachette Partworks on their choices. Each one not only gives us a slightly different look at Jean, but her life as well. It takes her from love-interest (again, my perception) to full-rounded character.

Supporting characters stand out as well. The meetings between Beast and Iceman’s young and future selves in Here Come’s Yesterday is entertaining and light-hearted. Both of these characters shine within the story.


This is another highly recommended graphic novel in Hachette’s Marvels’ Mightiest Heroes series. I’ll now be looking for the rest of Here Comes Yesterday‘s continuation.

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