ISBN: 9772051395022

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

The Inhumans tell the story of a race created by the Kree.

Many moons ago the Kree explored the cosmos in order to colonise different planets and defeat their lifelong enemies the Skrulls. This led to the Kree abducting Humans and exposing them to the evolutionary Terrigan gas. This gave birth to a brand new race, a new people united by the common bond that is family. Introducing, The Inhumans.


Opening with material from the pages of Thor #147 and #147, we are introduced to the powerful human subspecies.

The Inhumans believe they are one family brothers and sisters despite their vast genetic differences. Exposure to the Terrigan gas brings out mutations that are unique to individuals. One such individual is Black Bolt, The Inhuman king and the ruler of Attilan. The origin pages are very limited as you are only given a few pages from each Thor issue, but it is the Secret Invasion arc that educates the readers on the Inhumans and the importance of their king and family bond.

The Skrulls have infiltrated and impersonated many heroes across the universe, however, a major focus was placed on Earth and its allies. It is revealed that the powerful Black Bolt was actually abducted and the current King of Attilan was in actual fact a Skrull. Queen Medusa does not take kindly to the current events as her husband the king of Attilan is missing and The Skrulls are responsible. This leads to The Inhumans making a pact with their enemy…The Kree. Ronan The Accuser joins forces with the Inhumans at a price as Crystal, Quicksilver’s ex-wife has to take his hand in marriage in order to seal the treaty. Will Crystal obey her sister, will the Kree join The Inhumans in their war against the Skrull. This issue has it all as you witness a people do everything in order to save their king and his son from the clutches of the Skrull.


The Secret Invasion Arc offers some great art, the colours give off a great intergalactic feels as they illuminate the black printed pages. There is no shortage of unique character designs as The Inhumans not only have a vast array of powers but they are adapted to their powers as well. So they are one people, however, they are a race is not limited to a certain body shape, skin colour or species. This graphic novel sees these heroes encountering many alien lifeforms as well. So you can expect to see a wealth of highly detailed character designs on some perfectly coloured pages.

With The Inhumans having been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is only a matter of time before these characters become well-known household names. So grab this issue today and educate yourself on the Inhumans and their kingdom of Attilan.

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