ISBN: 9772051395022

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

Pietro, the twin brother of The Scarlet Witch, gets the spotlight in this excellent read that shows us the conflict that dwells in the mind of Magneto’s son. This graphic novel gives us a great origin issue and is followed up by the infamous arc known as Son of M.



This issue opens with a modern re-telling of the origins of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, who are forced to fend for themselves in the Balkans. The siblings are aware that they are far from being ordinary, however, they are not aware of their bloodline. After being taken in by a seemingly charitable couple something happens – something that calls for a witch to be burned along with her brother as they possess “Magic”. But they are saved timeously by none other than Magneto as he recruits these two young mutants into his brotherhood. It is not long before Pietro and Wanda discover that Magneto is somewhat of an extremist that is not afraid to kill for his cause. Whilst Mastermind and Toad might be ok with Magneto’s Modus Operandi, the siblings (Magneto’s children) are not happy with their father and his actions. Breaking away from the brotherhood, they search for new allies, The Avengers.

The second part of the graphic novel is comprised of the “Son of M” arc. This story follows the eradication of 99% of mutant powers thanks to the Scarlet Witch. Many heroes and mutants hold Quicksilver responsible for his sister’s actions. With this Wanda altered reality, Pietro lost all of his powers. He was rendered useless and he felt that way too. Many thought that this would be a humbling experience, however, Quicksilver had other plans and he seeks the help of his ex-wife, Crystal. Returning to Attilan, Quicksilver believed that the Terrigan gas held the key to him regaining his powers. Quicksilver was right, however, his actions would cost him greatly.

son of m

The art throughout this issue is great. Both stories offer more modern looking art and are told in a modern style using less text in combination with vivid imagery. This works well as the readers are given the chance to interpret the story for themselves instead of being spoon-fed with complex text. The art is gritty but the pages are illuminated with colour as individuals display their extraordinary abilities. The amount of attention paid to every detail in this story is impressive. You get to see Quicksilver use powers in an almost believable way. This story is an easy to follow and the fast paced action flows from page to page with ease creating an impressive read.

This is a great addition to this collection. Its character facts and highlights will leave you satisfied.

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