Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

The Defenders are very popular right now and this issue comes at the right time. With Netflix doing a great job with television shows and having just announced the actor to play Danny Rand in the Netflix series, it is the perfect time for readers to get to know a little more about The Immortal Iron Fist.


This graphic novel opens with the origin story of Iron Fist. There is something about the original suit that makes it so appealing. It has to be the Kung Fu slippers! While many might find the old look of Iron Fist and Luke Cage rather out dated, the design looks great as we witness the Immortal Iron Fist grace the pages of a Marvel comic. This issue will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia as you witness the origin of one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived.


The Second part of the story deals with a story arc known as “The Last Iron Fist”. Jeryn is Danny Rand’s advisor. When it comes to business Danny might be too young to run Rand Enterprises, a company that was owned by his father, a man who has made his son a billionaire with his passing. To Danny, his role as the Iron Fist comes first and protecting New York as the Iron Fist is his top priority. When a competitor attempts to buy all of his company’s shares, Daniel smells a rat and it is only a matter of time before Hydra raises there ugly heads once again. But when the Iron Fist comes to defend his territory he senses something wrong with his chi. There is another person out there… another person using the power of the Iron Fist.

There have been many Iron Fists in the past. However, as one died the legacy was passed on to another, but somewhere along the lines there is another Iron Fist here at present – one that has mastered the Iron Fist and its technicalities. With Ed Brubaker writing, “The Last Iron Fist”, the reader can immediately know that they are in good, if not great hands.


The art in this book is great. From the art of the origin to the more modern art of the “Last Iron Fist” arc, everything looks great and everything sets the tone quite well. The second arc is definitely where the strength of the book lies. It is filled with great gritty images that simply add to the quality of the action sequences. There are a good few facial expressions on display, despite the fact that the Iron Fist wears a mask. However, it is the action scenes that will leave you wanting more – especially since they complement the writing and the tone so well.

Get this issue today. With a live adaptation of this character on the way, now is definitely the time to educate yourself on the Iron Fist and the rest of the heroes for hire (who all make a great cameos in this graphic novel too).

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